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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Just incase you hadn't noticed, I have added a page to my blog about GMC Headquarters (aka, my bedroom.) I had quite a few emails asking for a little snoop around, so I have given in and made it a permanent feature!

Although I have scaled the images five times for the odd pair of knickers, if you see any, or anything else that you might not be so interested in, please let me know, so I can panic, remove it, and spend the rest of my day in bed crying with shame.

Have a look! There aren't really any naughty-looking dinosaurs hiding behind trees, I promise.

PS: I'm still stuck in bed with tonsils bigger than my head. It's so attractive.

Love to you all xXx


  1. Aww sounds like we are in the same situation,I have an awful throat and I'm stuck in bed too!! Lots of warm lemon and honey or just lemon helps and hey at least its a good excuse to eat lots of ice cream!! I hope you feel better soon and god girl you are doing well! Every time I come on your blog you have more and more followers! I wish I had that many! Keep up the great writing! XxxX

  2. Bless you sweetheart! I really hope you feel better soon! And thank you! You will get them in no time, just keep at it! Your blog is amazing! :) xXx

  3. Love the tower of old books - that what a totally want to do, collect loads of old hardbacks - even if its just for their smell [i'm odd like that lol] x

  4. Haha I know exactly what you mean! I love the smell, the texture, the history, everything! :) xXx

  5. your room is gorgeous :) love the wallpaper!

    I've mentioned you on my blog :)



  6. Hope you feel better soon :) I have given you a blog award http://sweet--rachel.blogspot.com/2011/09/going-for-gold-blog-award.html xxx

  7. Thank you so much Vicki and Rachel! :) xXx

  8. @Kathy. Thankyou, the gallon of ice cream I have eaten has seemed to have helped, so I am feeling a littler better now. I hope you are too. I LOVE your room its gorgeous and I keep having a snoop!
    @Rachael,@Kathy I totally agree with you! I LOVE the smell of old books and the smell of old dress patterns is soooo good too!! I've finally found people that don't stare at me and think I belong in an asylum!

  9. Glad you're feeling better SHR! Aw thank you! :) It's taken me a while to get it just how I want it, and there are still a few touches I'd like to add!

    Yes, that old, vintage smell is just gorgeous. Things like that look lovely amongst the new! xXx


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