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Saturday, 8 October 2011

My very Innocent day out!

It's always nice to get the chance to mix it up a bit and do something different. And that, ladies, is exactly what I did today.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't spend the day covering my tatty-bo-jangles with fig leaves, making fires out of wonky sticks, and inscribing on cave walls (this is number 4 on my 'things to do before 30' list, by the way), but I was lucky enough to be invited to Innocent Smoothie's AGM (Annual Grown-Ups Meeting), at Fruit Towers in London. If you're not too sure what this is, it's basically a day where lots of smoothie-loving invitees from across the world gather to have a good old chinwag about oranges, eat a hell load of cake, and fire some intelligent-sounding questions at the three co-founders, who I am certain would have a collaborative brain the size of Mars.

Not only was I lucky enough to be invited, I was invited as a VIP! As you can imagine, this was cause for great excitement, as I have only ever been referred to as a VIP by my nan, and as much as I'd like it too, I don't really think that counts.

If I could sum the day up in 3 words, I'd say it was 'absolutely, bloody marvellous.' But I won't sum it up in those three words, as it makes me sound like a 66 year old man called Marvin, and I can assure you I'm definitely not one of those. Instead, I will share with you my personal guide to the 2011 AGM.

I is for incredibly attractive men. I swear, every 1 in 3 men I saw today was absolutely ravishing. Dark hair, stubbles, and teasing biceps seemed to be the general trend of the day, and I probably spent about 37 minutes telling my mother how attractive 'that man over there, by the picture of the sheep' was. At this point, I'd also like to state that I have a slight crush on Richard Green, one of the co-founders. Not only is he incredibly intelligent, witty, and charming, he also has one of the cutest faces I've ever seen in my life! Happy days...!

N is for nutrition. And lots of it. Today I got my five-a-day for the first time since about 1999. Halle-lu-jah! There were fridges with endless smoothies and juices that were free for us to take, whenever we wanted! Innocent most definitely know the way to my big, red, juicy heart. Even the word 'fridge' makes me smile from the inside out. Fridges overflowing with delicious, healthy drinks are even better.

N is for nine pieces of strawberry in my slice of sponge cake. I was most impressed. If Ryan Reynolds was a cake, he would definitely be that homemade Victoria sponge. I'd like to find the lovely person that made it and give them a cuddle. The cake platter itself was also the best thing I've seen since that gorgeous LBD in Debenhams last weekend. Note to self: learn how to make a cake that doesn't taste like a woolly sock.

O is for 'oh dear, not again'. My gorgeous, wonderful and oh-so-Irish mother has a profuse habit of embarrassing herself in public. During a talk about recycling, she kept saying 'landline' instead of 'landfill.' She was also having a few issues getting up every time she sat down, cue hysterical laughter, a few dodgy looks, and me turning into a human hoist. Oh how I love my mother!

C is for climbing stairs. Fruit Towers covers 5 floors, and we did a lot of exploring. As you can imagine, that's a lot of steps. It made me realise how unfit I am, as I looked like a roasting, hyperventilating walrus at the end of each flight. However, despite the fact that this meant I didn't get chatted up by any attractive, bearded men, it was most definitely worth it. We had a sneak-peak around many of the rooms, and got to take part in loads of fun, fascinating, and quirky stuff, including a game of Innocent bingo, donning white coats for a fruity experience in the kitchen, cosying up on big, comfy bean bags, and trying out some products that aren't yet on the shelves! I'll take this opportunity to apologise for spilling mine all over my feedback sheet...

E is for entrepreneurial genius. We learnt so much about the brand, and I am absolutely in love with the whole thing. When I say there are about 9184729410482999939393939392871717176375388393920010983827728164781647816492840918490810481847816748409749089011 brain cells behind the product on the shelves, I'm probably off by a good six billion. These people are just amazing!

N is for nice, happy, smily people. Everyone there seemed so thrilled to be there, and the staff were full of  optimism, energy, love, and fascinating chit-chat. I'd quite like them all to be my friends.

T is for THANK YOU. Thank you so much to JoJo for being nice mad enough invite me, and it was a pleasure to finally meet you today! Thank you to the organisers and everyone at Innocent for a fabulous event, and thank you to my mum for coming along to join in the fun!

So there we have it ladies, my Innocent day out, in a nutshell. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Fruit Towers, make sure you take it. It's a fabulous place, and I promise you, you will leave feeling ridiculously refreshed and inspired. I also got a free recipe book, and you can't go wrong with that when you're a fiend in the kitchen... :)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Love, hugs, and big, fruity kisses to you all! xXx


  1. I am a huge innocent smoothie fan for obvious reasons. Sounds like a fabulous day out, I really think Innocent are innovative on so many leveles. Sounds like a brilliant day!


  2. Sounds like fun! I LOVE innocent smoothies :)


  3. You lucky girl,it sounds like you definitely had some fun. I saw some pictures of Fruit Towers in a magazine and it looks A-mazing! Apparently the employees get to watch movies every friday afternoon or something like that and they can have as much smoothie as they want. Glad you had a lovely time and you are right, Richard Reed is a cutie!

  4. Sounds like such a good day out! x

  5. It was absolutely amazing! Yeah, I love their innovation, creativity, charm, wit, and just general attitude! It's infectious, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go and meet them all. I'd love to work there some day! xXx

  6. Sounds like you had a fun filled fruity day my lovely!! I actually giggled so much at the second N, with Ryan Reynolds, I now want cake mmm!!


  7. It was perfect Rachel! :) I could easily go every weekend! xXx


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