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Friday, 25 November 2011

5 frazzling thoughts on a Friday...

Good evening lovely ladies (/gents/stalkers)! I hope you're all well. I'm sorry for being a shabby blogger this week! Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in the day. I work 9-5, and then when I come home I'm either editing novels as part of my freelance job, trying to maintain my social life, or lazing around in my onesie eating far too many cheese and onion slices. All of this means that I look like an extra from Shaun of the Dead 86% of the time, and am therefore destined to be single forever.

TGI Friday folks! I've spent tonight contemplating who I need to buy for this Christmas (it could be you!), and writing lists full of half awful and half hilarious ideas of what to get said specified people. I also released my inner 12 year old and compiled my very own 'Top 10 gifts to buy Kathy B' list, which I cunningly stuck to the fridge, trying to ensure that this year I won't get another 'Glitter Babes' make up palette from my twice removed cousin. While I'm highly appreciative of the thought, I'd like to think that my make up collection has gained a little more elegance over the past decade. I'm one of these people that finds it almost impossible to pretend that I like something. Fake smile and exaggerated happy voice?! Tips, anyone, please?

Depending on what time I wake up tomorrow, and how worried I am about the novel I haven't started editing yet that has a Monday deadline (evidently, time management isn't my strong point), I might be going on a little adventure to Portsmouth to spend the day eating sandwiches, talking utter rubbish, and contemplating the universe with a very close friend of mine. On Sunday, I think I'll be popping round to see my gorgeous friend Ashley, who has recently become a yummy mummy to the most beautiful little man I've ever seen! (I'll take this opportunity to congratulate Ashley and Shane, baby Henry is just perfect!)

What are you lovely people up to this weekend? I hope it's a good one, filled with love, happiness, laughter, good food, and the occasional topless man. And 1 month until Christmas! If that's not enough to put a smile on your face, then you need to stop being a Grinch and get crackalacking on cheering up a little! ;)

Lots of love and hugs to you all! I leave you with my 5 frazzling thoughts for this week....

1. There's nothing quite like a good list. I'm pretty sure that without the ability to write a list, I would be an awful human being. I'd forget your birthday, forget to buy you a Christmas present, and forget to take my passport on the holiday we'd been planning for months, subsequently making us miss our flight. I'd also be charging round like a stressed out, hyperactive walrus. Not so attractive...

2. Scarlett Bailey's debut novel, 'The Night before Christmas', is without a doubt, one of the best cosy, Christmassy books that I've ever read! If you like whirlwind romance, sarcasm, hunky men, spontaneity, half demolished turkey, and Christmas in general, you must, must, must go and get yourself a copy of this, right now! (Or come round and borrow mine!)

3. I need to detox and lose a few pounds before I gain 15 stone in mince pies and wine over Christmas. Having looked in the mirror earlier, at a very naked Kathy B, I realised two things. Firstly, that I have hips the size of Africa, and secondly, that I need to clean my mirror.

4. I need some excitement in my life. Someone take me on an adventure to Paris, or failing that, Dominoes. (No wonder my hips have expanded to the size of a continent...)

5. My bed is the most seductive thing in the world right now. Zzzzz....



  1. Haha I wished that was my to-do lists 'eat ice pops'. Christmas shopping is in all our to-do lists I think!
    Love your blog, following xx

  2. Great post. I've read the night before Christmas but think it may have been a different one, still great though we always read it as kids before Christmas.
    I need to detox too, just awaiting my wii controller to charge then I'm going to dance around the room like a loon for abit :-) xxx

  3. Thank you for your comments ladies! Xx

  4. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend my lovely, I have myself only just got around to popping a fair few blog posts up and some in the drafts box.

    I am totally obsessed with making lists, I have them for work, my general life and blogging hehe!! xxxx

  5. Hi! I have awarded you the versatile blogger award here: http://victorias-vintage.blogspot.com/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award.html


  6. Love your thoughts, I will definitely checkout that book, I love Christmas books! I'm sure you look gorgeous! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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