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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Can you still see me?!

I've just changed my URL, and will be working on redesigning little bits and bobs tonight! Please could you let me know if I've still appeared on you Dashboard? Or have I disappeared forever?

Cuddles! X


  1. Hey honey :) yes we can still see you. :D
    Love the new name x

  2. Thank you so much for checking that Bex! YAY!! Xx

  3. I dont mean to alarm you BUT I cant see you in my news feed :( I've just double checked and the last post you did was the one with the sheep.. and it says by Geek Marries Chic. Maybe my dash is just being unfair :( I've tried refollowing you aswell! BOO!! xx

  4. UH OH! I'll blog tomorrow and we will see what happens!! Xx

  5. I can still see you my gorgeous Mrs :)
    No links work with the Geek Marries Chic though, but I can still see and access the old posts too!! xxx

  6. OMG I have no idea what I have done! I unfollowed you and followed you again, and now ALL I see is your posts and no one elses! :O I have a serious dash problem lol I dont think its broken from your end! xx

  7. Wahoo! OH GOD, sorry Vikki!! Xxx

  8. I unfollowed you and then followed you again and I can see you now haha :) Xx

  9. Gosh! It took forever to find you again haha I had to google you and everything lol totally worth it though of course =) x x

  10. haha LOVE THIS SIR.... ;-) so great! amazing dear
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  11. Glad you liked your secret Santa gifts :) I had so much fun shopping for them ! Haha Lush is lush! :)


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