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Monday, 23 January 2012

New poll!

Folks, I hope you are all deliciously grand. Happy Chinese New Year, by the way! I'm currently on my lunch break, devouring some sweet and sour chicken/talking about goats, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to publish my new poll!

Having witnessed a fairly tense first date moment on ITV's legendary 'Take me out' (let's not beat around the bush, it's on par with One Direction as far as guilty pleasures go), I'm really keen to blog about my thoughts on whether love is cursed by monogamy, and also to find out what you guys think about the topic.

Monogamy is all about being faithful to one person, and I'd love to know whether you think this curses love/holds people back, or whether it's what the 'L' word is all about.

Please take a few seconds out of your day to let me know what you think by clicking on the poll to your right! If you'd like to let me know the reasoning behind your vote, please also don't hesitate to comment below, or drop me an email! I like mail. And I like opinions. It's a win win situation!

Thank you ever so much, you wonderful human being! :)


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