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Monday, 25 July 2011

We may not have magic wands, but there's always the high street!

With 8 huge films behind her, and brains seemingly just as big, we could be forgiven for thinking that Emma Watson is the girl who has it all. But take into account her effortless beauty, incredible fashion sense and remarkable poise, and I'm beginning to wonder if Harry Potter's red carpet treasure is even human! Young, rich, beautiful, and very elegant- traits I regularly find myself missing when I come home at ridiculous o'clock on a Saturday morning with ketchup stains all over my new dress, £1.20 left in my purse and blisters the size of Mars. One day, I will be a fully fledged lady, I promise.

While most of us can only dream of a wardrobe that the likes of Burberry can offer, Emma's subtly sexy, elegant, vintage-esque style is a look we can achieve on the high street. Here's how:

Miss Selfridge- Contrast Piped Shirt £35.00

ASOS Mist Indigo Skinny Jeans £30.00

Miss Selfridge SECRET Burgundy T-Bar Platform Shoes £42.00 

Miss Selfridge Burgundy Leather Satchel Bag £45.00


ASOS Checked Wool Mac £75.00

I found those beauties after a 10 minute date with Google, and high street shops, particularly Miss Selfridge, River Island and Urban Outfitters, are absolutely over-flowing with pieces to create this oh-so-sophisticated look. It's also worth having a rummage through charity/vintage shops for those one-off bargains that look like they could have come straight out of the Burberry ads themselves.

Let's face it, you can't go wrong with looking smart, savvy, sexy, and sophisticated all at the same time. Give it a go! :)

Depending on both the level of patience my boyfriend has this weekend, and the visibility of my awkward love handles that seem to spring out on me when I least want them too, I'll be shopping for an 'Emma' style outfit this weekend (He-lloooo payday!) I will post a picture if I manage it!

Speak to you all soon! :)


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