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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Girlies, I need you!

When I first got my job as a Business Administrator, one of the first things I got a bit too excited over was the thought of the new section in my wardrobe that would be dedicated to 'the office'. I saw myself striding in each day in pencil skirts, nipped in red blouses, and 6 inch heels. I was going to be the deliciously sexy/stylish office geek from the movies. Evidently, the real world is a disappointment!

Though I wasn't so keen on posing seductively over the photocopier, or sending flirtatious emails to the better-looking of my colleagues (tempting as it may be- I want to keep my job!), I thought at least that my wardrobe could reflect a powerhouse of femininity and intelligence, and that I could walk in each day to an audience of 'ooh' and 'ahh', instead of 'Kath, your blouse is on inside out....' Don't even ask.

The point is, that a combination of my (lack of) office wardrobe, alongside my hideously unorganised morning routine, means that I usually turn up to work with bed hair, a stained top, and a diminishing level of self-confidence. I thank my lucky stars that the beautiful women in my office have swiftly become four of my closest friends, or I'd probably be the subject of endless humiliation, and no slice of delicious homemade carrot cake would ease the pain!

However, while the girls love the daily entertainment that is 'Kathy's look of the day' (that tends to be just-out-of-bed, or ready-for-bed), I'd really love to inject some of my personal style into my workwear and jazz it all up a little bit! I'd like to flatter my figure without looking like a call-girl (32Fs and dresses are dangerous ground for workwear), find some heels that are beautiful, comfortable and appropriate (is there really such a thing?!), and come in at least three days out of five looking half acceptable to modern society and not like a small, hilarious figure of hopelessness and love handles.

I'd also like to learn some quick fix tips for hair and make-up to get me out of the door quicker and ensure that I get my tuna bagel breakfast, instead of having to panic over straighteners and frizz and just general monstrosity... Believe me, I look like a cavewoman in the morning.

So, help me out! Comment with your ideas, pretty please. After all, (tempting as it may be- I want to keep my job!) I don't think this topic would be prioritised on the weekly meeting agenda.

Love, peace and all that shebang x



  1. Im looking for office work atm :)
    When i get something I'll probs just have my hair down straight as its easier, keep makeup toned down a bit, to be fair i still wear alot, just no extreme eyeshadow, natural looks have been getting me comments lately! And as for clothes, get black and nude pairs of heels that are comfy and team with a range of body con or that type of skirt and pick up aload of blouses that can easily be tucked in. Theres loads in newlook that are flattering! and can be worn tucked in and out, with fitted trousers and heels. :D I don't know if im any help, but thats what I'd do :)

    Lucy xx

  2. i think LuccyLou has said it all there, i don't work in an office but would imagine myslef wearing bodycons/pencil skirts and blouses with a blazer and definitely black and nude heels. i get my work outfit and other things needed for the day the night before so i have a good routine in the morning as long as i don't sleep in!

  3. Thank you guys! So kind of you to comment and help me out! Lucy, I will definitely be going to New Look now! I love the idea of tucking blouses into high waisted trousers with heels, and finding a pencil skirt that I can actually breathe in haha!

    And getting things ready for the night before definitely sounds like a plan. So obvious, yet oh-so-difficult when you're me, and spend evenings pigging out and lazing around. I must start making more of an effort!

    Thank you ladies, love both of your blogs! Xx

  4. Ooh I've never had an office job, so I've never had to think about dressing for the office. I'm just a waitress gal with a dodgy uniform! I love the idea of long-sleeved printed blouse like these (http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&productId=2599023&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=208524&parent_categoryId=203984&pageSize=20&refinements=category~[209729|208524]&noOfRefinements=1) for the office, with a simple skirt or trousers, and a waterfall cardigan? You can always wear a statement necklace with these which wouldn't be too out-of-line for work! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too, btw (: xxx

  5. Anything from zara's helpful and I love the hair shower trick (spraying your hair with hairspray pre-shower, putting it in a bun and then showering, the steam helps to keep your hair in position all day). x hivenn

  6. Thank you girls! I love that Topshop blouse, I'd never thought of going long-sleeved with blouses but it looks so pretty! And the hairspray shower trick?! Where have you been my whole life?!

    I'll definitely be trying that one out! :) Xx


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