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Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello Singledom, it's been a while.

I never thought I'd find myself posting about this on my blog, but I guess this is a little bit of me being thrust out into the universe, so I will write, and I will write with honesty.

Yesterday, my relationship with who I thought was my Mr Forever, came to a miserable end. We simply (I say simply, there was some build up to this situation in the weeks prior to it ) sat on the beach under a grey sky, shivered/cried/pulled various unattractive, emotional faces at each other, and went our separate ways. I did blub uncontrollably for a little while, however this soon descended into a fit of hysterical giggles, when he revealed that he would now have to cancel my birthday present, which was (sigh), two tickets to see Lee Evans at London's 02 Arena, followed by a deliciously romantic stay in a London hotel. Note to self- I definitely don't respond to sad situations in the way that other humans do.

I know I'm weird. Believe me, I am emotional, in a kind of Cameron Diaz (The Holiday), I-just-can't-cry kind of way! I did allow myself another painful five minutes last night to howl like a wolf and cradle old photographs to Adele songs, but being a self-confessed super geek, I do not deal with emotion well. Once my mascaras started running I do whatever I can to pull myself together. I've been busying myself with all sorts of mundane tasks to stop me thinking about it, and find it impossible just to sit, and be sad. Because that might be more beneficial right now then hoovering the bathroom floor, right?

Who knows. If anyone has any tips on how to cry (gosh, this sounds tragic), please let me know. I don't want to be shopping in six months time and suddenly collapse into tears in the middle of Topshop when my brain suddenly catches up with the situation. That would not be a good look for me. At all.

So that's all for now girls. Apologies for the weird, washy post, to be honest, I didn't really have a clue where this blog post would go, but knew I just needed to write something. And as for my perfect ex, I know he's an avid fan and will probably read this. So thank you, you handsome thing, for making me the happiest girl in the world, making me laugh until I cried, accompanying me to endless pretty places for sandwiches and chats about nothing in particular, cooking me a curry that didn't blow my head off, and loving me sensationally.

And if I don't see you at the altar in 8 years time, which, let's face it, knowing how fate can work, I might well do, you will always hold an extra special piece of my heart. The reddest, juiciest part.

All jokes aside, it was amazing.



  1. aww, i hope you are ok, sorry about the break up but you never know what will happen in the future, what will be will be :)

  2. Hope your okay, sorry you had to break up. But mr rights still out there your young :P plenty more years! as for tips i went shopping and 5 hours later was over him :P I sound so heartless but I'm really not :P Shopping fixes everything :P

    Lucy x

  3. Wow. You go girl! Now that's an awesome way to handle a break-up. Remember that you should never feel empty when your ♥ gets broken. Because you have a complete and beautiful soul inside of you. Cheers!

    BTW, hope you don't mind me linking your blog from mine


  4. Thank you ladies! Shopping is definitely medicinal, but I'm not sure I could get over it all and have forgotten him within 5 hours! He will always be an important part of my life! :) And bless you Veronica, thank you for your kind words, that's so lovely of you to say.

    I will check out your blog! :) Xx


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