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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Just a quick weekend post to say...

Go and see the Inbetweeners movie! :)

I've just watched it, and had to re-apply my mascara afterwards. A film hasn't made me laugh like that in a very long time!


  1. I so need to see this, everyones telling me to, I've never even watched the show :)

    Lucy x

  2. Yes, you really do! Watch a few of the episodes on 4oD and I'm sure you'll pick up the hype! The film is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen! :) Xx

  3. going to see this on thursday! all i've heard is how funny it is so looking very forward to it!:D
    lovely blog my lovely:D


    check it out if you feel like itxx

  4. Ah good! Yes it's brilliant, you will love it I'm sure! :) Just had a look at your blog, I hope you had a lovely birthday! I shall be pressing follow!

    Thank you!


  5. I went to see this last Sunday and loved it!! I haven't ever seen a cinema so packed or laughing at the same time, it is a deffo must see xxxx


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