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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

There's nowhere quite like home.

On Monday night, myself and my manfriend took some time out to enjoy some well-deserved vodka and  coke, sea views, crap television, hideous dancing and a laugh-a-minute kind of occasion. Although, like most sane human beings, I wouldn't say no to hopping on a plane and getting lost in another country, I also appreciate the one I live in, and so there it was, our deliciously romantic plan to take a mini holiday, in our own home town. Honestly, I cannot recommend it more! :)

Move over Marbella, there was something so refreshing about watching 'Don't tell the Bride' on a bed the size of Mars, whilst overlooking the very best, and very familiar scenery that my quaint, dinky and all things pretty seaside town had to offer. To the left of me was a snazzy en-suite equipped with a hairdryer that was attached to the wall (I possibly got a little too excited over this!), and to the right, was the most beautiful view over a slightly murky but ever so sparkly South-East sea. It was bliss, and beyond nice to get away from the world without fretting about losing my boarding pass every five minutes, or frantically googling transatlantic weather.

So do it! Find a nice hotel in your hometown, book a night or two, sit back, and see how beautiful your hometown really is.

And if it rains, there's always the plasma. Or the vodka and coke.
Let me know if you've ever done anything similar! :)

PS- This was initially going to be an 'outfit of the day' post, but as per, I started rambling on about my wonderful adventure instead. However, here are some photos of the outfit I chose for Day One of my hometown getaway. Please ignore the mess on the floor. The provocative image of Mcfly that graces the back of my bedroom door is self explanatory though....

 Burnt red plain tee   Select £8
Indigo Skinny Jeans    River Island- £40  Gladiator Sandals (And lots of rubbish!) Select- £12
Assorted surfery beady bracelets-  Pick them up anywhere!

Blazer with striped cuffs    Select £22

 Oversized holdall bag    Warehouse £30

And everything after this photo, beautiful ladies, was just priceless!




  1. Lovely outfit :).

    Sadie x


  2. I love that you and your guy took a mini-vaca in your hometown! That is such a fun idea! And I love the purse!


  3. Thank you Sadie! :) And thanks to you too Whitney, I had a lovely time, and it really makes you appreciate where you live! I love my bag too, I saw it and just had to have it! x

  4. Aww that was so refreshing to read. I'm living in my hometown right now and I wish I had your outlook on it. Maybe if it were by a sea.


  5. Go and stay in a pretty spot and just see it all from a different perspective! There's beauty everywhere! :)

    Thank you for your comment



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