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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10 ways to stop your brain from exploding when it feels like it's about too....

Ladies, I have a confession. And it might come as a surprise to you, because flipping norah, it's a surprise to me. I usually wake up the happiest, most carefree, chilled out, optimistic person in my household (excluding the budgie, who will  chirp joyfully through anything), but today, I'm pretty sure Kathy got abducted, and an angry walrus took her place. I  100% definitely woke up on the wrong side of bed today.

I  felt grumpy, stressed, deflated, and half-asleep, and hand-in-hand with this of course, came a day filled with work meetings, a lunch that I'd conveniently forgotten to take to the office with me (boo!), ex boyfriend problems, bad hair, and a niggling feeling that I'm putting on a bit too much weight! Too much birthday cake, anyone?

Luckily for me, I am feeling a little better now, thanks to a potential job offer (which I will outline in a future blog post if I get it- eeeeek!), and a delicious home-cooked roast.

However for future reference, I am going to devise a list of 10 ways to stop my brain exploding when it feels like it's about to explode. I hope it might be of some help to you too, but let's be honest, it probably won't....

1)  Seriously contemplate throwing yourself out of the window.

2) After serious contemplation, realise that you're being completely ridiculous and laugh at the fact that you actually followed the first point of action.

3) Google 'Ryan Reynolds'. Believe me, that's great therapy for anything, and though it might not solve the issue, it will definitely provide you a very tempting, temporary distraction.

4) Avoid Facebook. Is it just me, or do most people just go on there to whinge/moan/tell the world how sad and lonely they are? Additionally, your stunning friend will have uploaded a ridiculously stunning photo that you'd usually love, but will today make you feel like the back end of a cow. Not good therapy!

5) Instead, go and see/spend time with someone that's always ridiculously happy, or can make you laugh. It doesn't matter if it's the cute-looking guy from the deli counter at Asda who always makes a joke about a slice of ham. Happiness is infectious!

6) Play a song that's hideously appropriate such as 'Always look on the bright side of life.' It might make you growl and swear at first, but after the first few verses I'm sure you'll be 'doo-bee-doo'ing!

7) Impulsively buy something gorgeous, preferably something you'll actually wear/have a need for. Science has shown that new purchases release happy hormones in us shopping addicts, so as long as it's not an 8ft stripper called Sebastian, any purchase can be justified on a day like today!

8) If you're able too, take a nap. Sometimes, your bed is the only thing you need to clear your mind of the grumpy gremlins. You might have a saucy dream, or sleep through an episode of Hollyoaks- two great mood boosters! (At this point, I sincerely apologise to the huge Hollyoaks fan that reads this, but come on- Eastenders is where it's at these days!)

9) Text your mum or dad telling them that you're four months pregnant. Their reaction to your little porkie might make your whole day worth getting up for. Unless of course, they squeal, hug you, and rush off to Mothercare to buy you a pram.....

10) Remember that tomorrow is a new day. And that life is beautiful. Because let's face it, no matter how hard things might get sometimes, life is the most valuable thing you'll ever have, and every single day is a blessing in disguise. The world works in mysterious ways after all, and tomorrow might just be the best day of your life!

That's all for now girlies.

Love you all, and thank you so much to my readers/followers. I can't tell you how much you cheer me up on days like this! x




  1. Haha this was such a good post! I fully get what you mean about Ryan - yum! Also napping def helps, I always feel better after a little snooze! Hope you wake up on the right side tomorrow xxxx

  2. I loved this post, you really do make me giggle and your posts make my day that little bit better :) I agree with number 3 - Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie, yum yum!! xxxx

  3. Ryan is gorgeous :|

    Great post!

    Lucy x

  4. Aw thank you girlies! It looks like Ryan Reynolds is a popular man! I'll pass on these lovely messages to him ;)

    Haha, thank you for your lovely comments, and you will be pleased to hear I'm feeling a lot better today! Xx

  5. this post has really cheered me up :)

    Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous!


  6. Cats and Ryan Reynolds, you may be my soulmate ;) haha


  7. Haha Ryan is my soulmate ;) The cat is adorable though! xXx


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