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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It's my birthday and I can cry if I want too...

And at this rate, I will be. I'm so unorganised. My birthday is on Sunday, and I'm having a party/night out on Saturday, which will inevitably involve too much wine, an embarrassing amount of flirting, half eaten pizzas and a headache the next day. But as far as things stand, I'm going naked. And while I appreciate that my birthday suit couldn't be more relevant on a day such as my birthday, my mum has kindly informed me that going out naked isn't the wisest idea. After all, it might be chilly. And the bouncers probably don't need to see ID quite on that scale...

Ladies, I just can't seem to find an appropriate dress. I want to go sophisticated and glam, whilst not looking like a fifty seven year old housewife. I want to suck in my love handles, accentuate my waist (that isn't looking like too much of a waist right now....), and show a little bit of cleavage, but not enough that says 'come and waggle your pervy face between my breasts'. It needs to be above the knee but below mid-thigh, not too fussy, preferably black (but I'm open to suggestions!), and a little bit flirtatious. I'd quite like to look half-attractive for just one day out of 365!

If you can find me the perfect dress, I will love you forever, as at this rate I'm going to be bald as well as naked on my big night out. If anyone links me a dress that I end up buying, and wearing, I'll be sending my saviour a special, girly party bag in the post, I promise! :)

I will be doing a proper blog post soon. I'm sorry I've been slacking, but Ryan Reynolds has confessed his undying love for me and I've spent the past week cooking him lasagne in a love den.

Peace x


  1. Hi,
    I'm so glad you've posted! I LOVE your blog and I have kept checking it all week! You write so well and you have inspired me to start writing again and given me the kick up the arse I needed to start my own blog! Have you tried Boohoo? They have a really good range at the moment. And Dorothy Perkins. Oh and Prodigy Red. I'd love to help you find a dress and be a mini stylist for you! Email me more details at thehandmedownrose@gmail.com oh and please check out my blog: http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com
    Look forward to hearing from you :-)
    Keep writing you are so good!
    Lots of love

  2. heyy im thinking of these on you...




    there's many cool dresses around the site you could nose around until you find your perfect dress :)

    good luck! xx

  3. Here honey, appropriate, sophisticated, flirtatious, and a little bit of cleavage: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/92557?article=92557-B

    Advance happy birthday :)

  4. Girlies, thank you so much for your comments! :) I love all the dresses you have linked. I'm going shopping tomorrow and am hoping to find one that pretty much combines all of these gorgeous dresses! Will keep you posted! And will definitely be sending out a party bag to the most similar one! :) Xxx


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