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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Please help me Beat Bullying!

Once upon a time, probably some time in 2004, when Natasha Bedingfield decided 'These Words', would blag every girl the man they were lusting after, Mcfly agreed with 'Obviously', and Mike Skinner was busy drying his eyes, mate, a young, distraught, teenage girl came home from school and cried herself to sleep. Unfortunately, that was me. I was thirteen, and had been the victim of immature, inconsiderate, mindless, careless, bullying scumbags, since the beginning of secondary school. And like too many of the population, I didn't know who to go to, what to do, or how the devil to make it stop.

Luckily, as the school years progressed, I stopped shying away from being myself, and the same inconsiderate, bullying scumbags, who had once victimised me for no other reason than the fact that I looked like an easy target (think big glasses, scraped back hair, and complete harmlessness), grew up and eventually became my friends. And they apologised, a lot. And I forgave them, because after all, they were thirteen, and must have been even more insecure than I was.

But just because I eventually got the happy ending I dreamt of throughout all those English lessons I spent sitting at the back, on my own, it doesn't mean for a second that I don't wish I'd had someone to go back then. After all, I didn't want my parents, who were so proud of their top-of-the-class little girl, to know that I was a social reject, I didn't want the teachers to get involved out of fear of inciting more chewing gum in hair incidents, and I was too embarrassed to tell my friends in my other classes. After all, they actually liked me, and if they realised that pretty much 75% of the year group didn't (for no valid reason whatsoever!), then I might lose them too.

So that's why I've volunteered to become a cyber mentor with beatbullying.org, because I want to be that person that I so greatly needed, and I want to tell a 13 year old me that the same guy that threw his hands up in disgust when he got seated next to her, will be the same guy that will be eagerly chasing her for a date  six years later. I want young people to celebrate who they are, realise that confidence is gold dust, and understand that the bullies are the ones that will be worse off in the long run. I just want to make a difference. If you do too, please go ahead and volunteer by following the link above! Here's a big, juicy kiss for those that do! X

Oh, and a quick message for anyone that used to be part of the make-Kathy-cry-it's-hilarious agenda, you'll be pleased to hear I still wear glasses that don't quite suit my face, I'm still eager to learn new things and know everything, I still think knitted socks are fashionable (if you beg to differ, check Asos!), and I still lust after Danny from Mcfly, big time. But I'm also now a confident, young, happy, ambitious woman, and couldn't be prouder of that girl that put on her warpaint, put her head down, and put up with your shit for all those months. I've got a clear conscience, after all, and that's so much more valuable to me than that feeling of power you had for about five minutes, before you realised that I was actually 'a really nice girl,' and quoted recently by one of the ex-ringleaders, 'pretty fit now.'

Look who's laughing now, hey?!

Thank you for reading ladies. I love you all! x


  1. I was bullied through my primary and secondary sch years & i think it's a great idea to get people who were bullied to be mentors because then they can relate to what that person is going through.

  2. This post was so moving and its inspiring how you got over and now think about it. You should be very proud of yourself. I'm definitely going to look into being a cyber mentor. I hate it when young teenagers feel so down about themselves and I just wanna hug them and tell them that it will get better and they are not fat and don't need to lose weight or they are not thick or ugly etc. I think its great what you are going to do and I wish you so much luck with it. I'm sure you will help a lot of people because you write beautifully and you are obviously a very caring young woman. So keep being you!! And keep wearing glasses and knitted socks! Sorry for the ramble,I'll shut up now but yeah great post and great girl! :-) XxxX

  3. A moving post - good on you - you obviously are very caring and I think you'll do amazingly as a mentor :) xo

  4. Aw thank you so much for your kind comments girls! They really made me smile! Thank you for reading it, it's definitely something that's close to my heart! And don't worry, I will most definitely be keeping the wonky glasses and knitted socks! Xx

  5. First off, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my post, My friend is recovering and we're all crossing everything we can cross that the cancer doesnt return.
    Secondly, GO YOU! I was also a victim of bullying year 4-6, kids can be so cruel! They've also now all added me on facebook telling me how 'hot' i am now.. haa
    Well done for not changing who you are, and taking a step to making a difference :D x

  6. Ah I'm so glad your friend is getting on well! Yes, they really can, and I just want to help!

    Thank you Cheyenne! :) Xx


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