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Friday, 14 October 2011

Happy Friday!

At 4.30pm today, I shut down my computer at work and almost hyperventilated with excitement. This weekend is long overdue, and I'm so excited  to be able to chill out, drink wine, and spend more than 10 minutes in the shower (wild, I know.) I've just been out for dinner with two of my best friends. This turned into an evening of attempts at speaking Spanish whilst trying to sound a little less British, a very disappointing stuffed mushroom, and a nice post-dinner walk down the Asda alcohol aisle. It's safe to say that we know how to live.

Tomorrow night, we're drinking said wine to celebrate my darling Kirsty's 20th birthday. She's practically my girlfriend in a straight kind of way, and I love her incredibly. You might like to know that she's a tad mental, and has our nicknames tattooed on the inner sides of her fingers. Honestly, I'll pop a picture below so you can have a look and go 'oh my gosh, why would she do that?!'. Believe me, I was hysterical for a good five minutes until I realised I should take it as a huge compliment.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend folks. What are your plans?! Love, hugs and kisses to all of you!! xXx


  1. I love that you get to have nice long lie ins and longer showers at the weekends, i live for them!lol!

    i love the tattoo's your friend has had done, best friends do so silly things, but thats why you love them right :)

    Have a great weekend hun

  2. Thank you you gorgeous thing! I hope you have a good one too! :) xXx

  3. Have a lovely weekend :) Your friend's tattoos are amazing!


  4. Thank you! And you Missy! xXx

  5. That tattoo is dedication and a half!!
    I'll hold you to the crispy duck promise...

    Ps. You need to get twitter, pretty lady xx

  6. I know, bless her! Ah good! :) I was thinking about getting Twitter! If I do, I'll link it in a little post on here! xXx

  7. That's so sweet that she got those tattoos!! x


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