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Sunday, 9 October 2011

I got myself a new jumper...

I'm feeling grumpy tonight, so I've got my new jumper on (see the oh-so-attractive photo below....), some fleecy pyjama bottoms that barely make me look a day over 12 but feel deliciously soft, and some ugg boot style slippers. My best friend Madge (there's one long story behind that nickname), is coming round soon to cuddle me and help me devour a punnet of strawberries. It's safe to say a) I'm working the sex appeal right about now, and b) I live a ridiculously wild lifestyle.

I hope you've all had a lovely Sunday, and I will blog properly tomorrow! Thank you for all of your lovely comments and emails; every single one of them makes me smile for at least four minutes. And if I don't get to four minutes, I eat a scotch egg to celebrate anyway, so either way, good things happen when I get mail!

Love, hugs, and big, juicy kisses xXx


  1. Made me laugh about the scotch egg part =] I feel grumpy too so i'm gonna grab a hug from my cat lol

    have a good eveing.


  2. I've been grumpy lately :D Think it's the weather ;) Cute jumper.

    Lucy x

  3. Loving the look of that jumper! xx

  4. Love the jumper it is so cute and looks amazingly warm :) xxx

  5. My jumper is very snug! It cost me £20 from Krisp, and I am well and truly in love! Thank you for your comments ladies xXx

  6. awww the jumpers nice :)
    wheres it from? xx

  7. The jumper is from Krisp! It was £24.99! xXx


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