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Monday, 17 October 2011

Ladies, I need you!!

Today I'm posting with some exciting(ish) news, following the results of the poll that has been gracing the GMC homepage for the past month or so. Over the coming weeks, I will be introducing not one, but two new features! I know, I'm unbelievably wild. Thank you to everyone for voting and giving me an idea of the things you'd like to see more of!

Feature Number 1 will be GMC's very own Internet Dating Investigation (IDI). Yes ladies, I've signed up to one of the most popular Internet Dating sites, and I've been smiling, giggling, snarling, shouting, blushing, crying, and occasionally hyperventilating over my findings ever since. I cannot tell you how excited I am to start sharing the good, the bad, and the hideously awful things that I've come across in the world of virtual dating, with you. I'll be posting an IDI related post weekly, commencing at some point over the next fortnight. (Evidently, I haven't done the Maths yet, but I'm sure I'll work it out once I've devoured this bowl of ice cream.)

Feature Number 2 will be a 'Girl meets Boy' series, which will begin closer to Christmas. Once a week, I'll be meeting/emailing/phoning a random man, and probing his testosterone filled brain with either one, or a set of love/women/relationship related questions.At this point I'd like to clarify that all men featured will be genuine human beings, and I most definitely won't have blackmailed them/bullied them/beaten them into taking part. If you're as curious about the ways of the male brain cells as I am, then you might just love this feature. If you can think of nothing you'd hate more, please let me know, so I can go to bed and soak a Chinese takeaway with my tears.

If you've got a burning question that you'd like to ask a member of said male species, please, please, pretty please don't hesitate to email it to me! Whether it's about dating, his ideal woman, exes, friends with benefits, first dates, his favourite perfume, commitment, cheating, break-ups, a man related issue you've got, or anything else, email them to me at kbwriting@live.co.uk, putting 'Girl meets boy' in the subject line. I will blow a big, juicy kiss to the first lady that sends me a big, juicy question.

Your feedback is always welcome, so please also let me know what you think of both feature ideas by commenting below. I wouldn't really soak a Chinese takeaway with my tears- crispy pork balls are far too delicious for all that drama!

I hope you're all well and have had a lovely weekend! A big, affectionate welcome to all my new followers, feel free to make yourself at home, and I'll get you a nice cup of tea. And a blanket.

Love, hugs, and kisses xXx


  1. Cannot wait to see all of the new features, they sound amazing!!


  2. Wow, both features sound amazing. Can't wait to see them xxx

  3. Thank you beautiful ladies! xXx

  4. I can't wait for these features! Feature 1 will be very exciting and I think feature 2 will help us all understand our men a bit better! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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