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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My faith in humanity has been restored...

This is just a quick post to say that I have just watched the Pride of Britain awards, and despite the fact that I now look like something reminiscent of a horror film (completely working the black, smudged eyes right now), I needed to say that I am absolutely humbled by the people I have just watched on there. It really puts everything into perspective, and has made me realise how courageous, determined, and genuinely amazing some people really are. Humanity is an incredible thing.

Congratulations to all of the heroes that picked up awards tonight, and to everyone that wakes up in the morning, and makes life a positive thing for themselves and the people around them.

Goodnight ladies. Keep being amazing xXx


  1. Hiya.
    I tagged you on my blog, check it out!


  2. Thank you sweetheart! :) I will get that post up over the coming days! xXx


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