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Friday, 21 October 2011

Streaking, the comma fetish, and the couples that drive me nuts!

Yesterday evening, in between practically inhaling beans and cheese on toast (I will be 45 stone in a decade, fact), watching Eastenders, and taking various unplanned 12 minute naps, I checked my Facebook to find that I'd been invited to 'like' the following page; 'the couples that luv eachova the most are the ones that argue the most as it shows how much they care.' Please note, this probably isn't word for word, but unfortunately I was so bemused, I just couldn't muster the strength to go back and check!

There are three reasons that I refused to 'like' this page. Firstly, I refuse to give a thumbs up to anything by simply pressing 'like', and receiving 1857109707608938590841907598207890155839217598570175957820175 subsequent updates from said page that completely wear out the topic. If I 'like' something, I'll write about it on a pretty post-it note and stick it on my inspiration wall. Failing that, I'll draw it on a banner, rip my woolly jumper and knitted socks off, and skip joyfully across a football pitch screaming it to the nation. (Dare me?)

Secondly, 'luv eachova', sandwiched within a hideously grammatically flawed sentence (if the comma was a man, I'd marry him) is almost enough to make me have a mental breakdown. Seriously, how hard can it be to utilise 6 brain cells and show just a little respect for the English language?!

However, thirdly, and most importantly, anyone who states that the couples that love each other the most are the ones that argue the most, is, quite frankly, an idiot. Excuse my french (sorry nan), but it's utter bullsh*t, and as you can probably tell, it's a topic that rattles my cage so much that the door opens, and out runs my inner hooligan. (May I just take this opportunity to clarify that I'm usually super chilled, and don't make a regular habit of swearing like a 35 year old brute or having a profuse moan, I promise.)

Call me old fashioned, but since when did train wreck relationships become so glamorous? Since when did daily slanging matches, crying, calling your other half every name under the sun, and storming out of the room like an angry walrus bare any resemblance to the word 'love'. Too many people seem to actually enjoy dating someone they're not compatible with, just so they can claim that their huge argument about him texting another girl (because one text to his best mate from school definitely means he's cheating), has made them stronger. Until tomorrow, obviously.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that human beings in close proximity all the time are bound to get on each other's nerves every now and again, and that sometimes the odd sarcastic comment (just ask my ex), or even a blazing row, can be healthy. It's natural for little niggles to sometimes escalate, and it's natural for people to disagree on things! However, as far as I'm concerned, the couples that are the most in love are the ones that find themselves arguing over the littlest the least. After all, they're far too busy actually enjoying being together to drive each other mental, and any potential sign of conflict is settled over an in-depth chinwag, a cuddle, and a packet of chocolate coated biscuits.

To the silly person that created this Facebook page, and the 100 odd thousand people that were silly enough to press 'like', it's safe to say that you probably need to chill the devil out, possibly end your roller coaster relationships, and grow up. Life's too short for all this drama! Get out there and find someone who genuinely appreciates your amazingness, and shows that they care with a compliment instead of contempt. You should never settle for anything less than someone that can make you wholesomely happy.

What do you think ladies?!

I hope you're all okay and that you have a fabulous weekend, and I'm sorry for being a shabby blogger recently. I'm just such a busy butterfly! I will do my best to get better for you all! Thank you so much for all your kind comments, emails, and general loveliness!

Love, hugs, and kisses!xXx


  1. I'd like to give you a huge high five about now. It really annoys me too.xx

  2. I totally agree with you! x

  3. Thank you girlies! Hiiiigh 5! X

  4. haha, i can clearly comment on this and say i agree 100% since i'm in a relationship, if me and him tried ripping each others heads off all the time, cause we were in love i clearly wouldn't be with him!
    he'd be dead :)

    i think some people just get bored making these pages!!

  5. Haha that made me chuckle Charlotte! Good girl! Xx

  6. This is so true :P So many idiots around. If I was in one I'd just leave. No guy treats me like that :P

    Lucy x

  7. I totally agree with you! These kids just don't know what's what!! x

  8. You are so right! That is such a ridiculous thing to like! It's rubbish! You are right the best relationships are the ones where you hardly argue. My boyfriend and I have been together nearly a year and we have only had one argument and even that wasn't with raised voices and he gave me a big hug and apologised like three minutes later! The person who created this group is obviously insecure in their own relationship and need reassurance from people that their relationship is a good one. Its so silly! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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