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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Give your heart to a dog, and it'll love you like no human ever could.

Up until now, this weekend has been absolutely awful. We nearly lost our gorgeous little Yorkshire Terrier Annie. In fact, I was so certain that it was the end for her, that I have been bawling like an unruly child since 7am yesterday morning. She'd woken up in such a bad way that we had to rush her to the vets, where she was given 3 injections for various things. The vet made it clear that the injections weren't a lifeline, just a small glimmer of hope. And if there was no change by today, the kindest thing to do would be to put her to sleep.

I'll be honest, as feisty as I know Annie is, I really didn't have much hope for her. She's 14 and a half, and she was so ridiculously ill, that I wasn't sure her small, podgy little body could fight off whatever it was that was making her so poorly.

However, this morning, she seemed brighter. No sickness, better balance, a plate of chicken, and a small casual stroll later, and she almost seemed to be back to her usual old and wobbly but happy self. She went back to the vets this afternoon, and I stayed home just in case the worst still had to go ahead. Yesterday was brutal enough, and had I gone back to the vets today, I'm pretty sure I would have had some kind of nervous/emotional breakdown, and may have ended up on a leash myself.

Mummy B phoned me at about half past two to tell me that Annie was coming home. HALLE-FLIPPING-LUJAH!! Fair enough, she'll be as high as Frankie Cocozza for a while, but she's definitely on the mend. My little old lady's got some fight left in her after all!

I can't tell you how relieved I am right now! Annie's watched me grow from a cute, Barbie-loving six year old, into a not-so-cute, walrus loving, fairly odd 20 year old. And she's made me smile every single day. I love her incredibly!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of my lovely friends for being so supportive/incredibly lovely over the past day! I'd also like to send massive kisses to the girls at work, for being so understanding about me having to take the day off work to dog-sit/howl.

"A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?"

I hope you're all having a beautiful weekend. It's safe to say I'll be having a glass or two of wine tonight. I think I have done my years allowance of crying in 24 hours, and I am in great need of a lovely, crisp glass of the good stuff to chill me out properly!! What are you lovely people up too?!

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses xXx


  1. So pleased to hear that your doggy is ok. I love my cat to bits and would be devastated if anything happened to him. It's amazing how attached you can get to animals. Hopefully she just had a bit of a sniffle and now she's all good again :) enjoy your weekend/wine...wish i could have some! xx

  2. I'm glad she's ok! I have two Yorkshire terriers too! :)


  3. it's always terrible when dogs are ill, as they really are as much of the part of family as anyone else!

    Really glad she's well again :)



  4. Well Done Annie !
    You had us going for a while there.

  5. Aww ~ thats so good to hear that your dog is okay ^__^
    hope she stays strong!!!

  6. Aw thank you everyone!! She's a bit shaky but most definitely on the mend. There's still lots of fun to be had! And too right Daddy B! :) Xx

  7. Aww I'm really really glad she is ok!! I know how horrible it is to have an ill pet who you have grown up with. Congratulations on getting over 100 followers by the way! How do you do it, apart from being an amazing writer of course!! XxxX

  8. It is really is! Aw thank you so much! :) And I don't know how, but I'm so chuffed about it! You will get there too Missy! xXx

  9. Aww this is such a lovely post, I am SO glad that Annie is ok (such a cute name). Spend lots of time with her and enjoy every moment sweetie :) xxxx

  10. I'm so gald Annie is ok, i put my cat down at the sart of november and i'd had him since i was 6 it was one of the hardest things i ever did,

    I've not seen any future posts so i hope she is ok and she's getting the best life ever in her old age, shes beautiful, i love th quote,is it marley and me?

  11. She is fine now thank you Charlotte! :) I'm so sorry to hear about your cat though- it's absolutely heartbreaking!

    And yes, the quote is from Marley & Me... melts/breaks my heart every single time!



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