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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The mystery of the Sidmouth postcard...

Today, after running upstairs and taking a running jump into my bed (I've thought of nothing more all day), I noticed a little something winking at me on my desk. It was a pretty picture of the sea that I hadn't seen before, and I assumed that someone in my household had found it laying around under a pile of cat magazines and decided that I'd be fond of it (if I'm not at the seaside, I'm either buying ice cream cones in bulk, or framing pictures of pretty coastlines at GMC HQ). However, once I mustered the strength to pull myself out from under the duvet, three blankets, and the wonky cushion strewn across my right arm, I realised that it was a postcard.

Postcards that aren't from my nan are an extreme rarity in my life. And as far as I'm aware, this one isn't from my nan. After all, it isn't Valentines day, and even when it is, my nan tends to go down the cheesy 'you're so beautiful' route followed by fifteen huge kisses and a 'p.s.: I love you', as opposed to the deliciously mysterious 'I still think about you' one liner. I may regret saying this, but I really do think that this is a genuine spontaneous act of thoughtfulness/romance from a mysterious/quite evidently bonkers man.  (It will never fail to amuse/shock me that a forever hungry, walrus-loving, wonky-clown-collecting,  onesie-wearing plonker like myself could ever be thought of in a romantic way...)

The question is, lovely ladies, who the devil is it from?! At the moment, I'm about as clueless as the time I was when I thought my wagon wheel tasted a bit funny but couldn't quite work it out. (Fourteen seconds later it occurred to me that I hadn't taken the wrapper off, however I'm pretty certain that this is a slightly more complicated mystery!)

 Having overcome phase one of my investigation, which consisted of my brain cells going to some kind of excitable Zumba class, I moved on to phase two, and rummaged through my shoebox of romance (think cards/letters from ex boyfriends, gifts from potential boyfriends/creepy stalkers, and gorgeous jewellery that I can't wear due to an out-of-date sentiment). 

I did find a postcard in there that I'd received at the beginning of the year, from a guy that I knew once upon a time.  He was a relative of one of my friends, and we spent endless evenings chinwagging about life with a bottle of wine and a couple of marmite crumpets. Said postcard had asked me for a date, in a similar, mysterious kind of tone. At the bottom it had also said 'you can probably guess who this is from.. xxxx'. And he was right, I'd worked it out before I'd even gotten to that bit, as at that time in my life, we were closer than the two fine grey blazers in my wardrobe. 

At this time in my life however, we're not close at all, which could easily explain the fact that this time round he wouldn't want me to know it was from him. There's just one problem, the first postcard was sent via an iphone app in type, so I can't go all Sherlock on the handwriting, and thus, I could be completely wrong. Let's be honest, it's probably from Ryan Reynolds. Or my 6ft ginger stalker called Clive.

As if trying to work out the sender of this wasn't confusing enough, what does 'I still think about you' even mean?! Does it mean that mystery man wants to be with me, or that I popped into his head last night when he saw the advert for the Shrek musical? Who knows, it could even be 'I still think about you moving to Neptune and what a great benefit to my life this would be.'

What do you think?!

I'll keep you all posted. 

Lots of love! xXx



  1. Oh how exciting...yet frustrating! I hope you get to the bottom of this, detective! xx

  2. God you have way more excitement in your life then I do!! Its weird how people suddenly come back into your life. Personally I think its Ryan Reynolds. Maybe you will get some more,keep us up to date! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

  3. It has to be your marmite friend! a) it's very likely to be a love interest and b) this one has a history of postcards, which is romantically quite rare! :p

  4. It really is from Rya Reynolds!! It HAS to be!! What a strange mystery you have given us all, it is making me think lots now... xxx

  5. I'm glad a few of you agree! Good old Ryan! And I really hope I get to the bottom of it too! But even if I don't, it certainly made me smile, and kept my brain occupied for the evening!

    I reckon it probably is Mr Postcard No.1, but I guess I will only know for sure if he decides to reveal himself! As long as he doesn't turn up naked at my door in a dickie bow...



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