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Friday, 2 December 2011

5 frazzling thoughts on a Friday...

Good evening you beautiful bunch of human beings! Today has been filled with happiness, hungriness, hyperactivity, and the occasional post-it moustache. This can only mean one thing- it's Friday!

This week has been chaotic, as per usual. Some of you may know that as well as being the South East's very own answer to Shrek, I'm also an international book editor. Believe me, that job title is 1000x savvier than the actual job itself! However, I do really enjoy it, and I have therefore spent most of my evenings staring with intent (move over Frankenstein) at endless pages of type, fiddling around with grammar and syntax and lexis, and getting reacquainted with my love for the comma. When I told you I was wild, I wasn't joking...

Additionally, my big brother has recently ventured out into the big, wild world, and left a big, empty bedroom behind. I've therefore also had my Laurence Llewelyn Bowen hat on and have spent a good 14 minutes out of every day contemplating what colour furniture to buy, and whether having a bigger bedroom gives me a valid excuse to go out and buy more clothes, considering that I can now facilitate them. I think so, don't you?

All in all, it's been a very busy week, which has unfortunately left me no time to fill you in on the antics of last Saturday night. It involved a man in a stripy top and silly hat, an oh-so-adorable Brummy accent, a pair of red high heels, and the oddest jog of my life. In fact, possibly the only jog of my life that I have ever enjoyed. I will fill you in on this little adventure this week, I promise. It has also come to my attention that I still haven't published any of my IDI (Internet Dating Investigation...), however I can assure you that this is a high contender on my 'to blog about' list, and that I will get it to you very soon. Evidently, I just have far too much to ramble on about, and not enough time to post it all!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful and lovely Vikki and Rach for awarding me the Versatile blogger award. Receiving this, especially from two very inspirational bloggers, has made me smile immensely! I definitely owe you both a hot chocolate and a cuddle. I know I'm supposed to pass the award on, but I have realised that trying to whittle down my list of people that I think deserve it to just fifteen is about as impossible as trying to fit 75 potatoes in my mouth at any one time. I will therefore soon be creating a 'Bookshelf' page, where I will list every single blog that I read, love, and adore. Thank you very much ladies!

I hope you all have a deliciously perfect weekend, and I shall leave you with my 5 frazzling thoughts for this week....

1) I appear to be having some wardrobe issues. I walked into a door yesterday, courtesy of my brand new Parka coat. Is it really necessary to make a hood that's 314 times bigger than any human head? You may like to know that I also turned up to work one morning this week without realising that the top half of my dress was completely unbuttoned. Tatty-bo-jangles on display to the nation before 9am?! Evidently, I am a pro at office sophistication.

2) It's that time of year again, where I become even more ridiculously optimistic and start putting together a list of New Year Resolutions that I will 'absolutely, without a doubt, stick to'. It's December 2nd and I already have 14 on my list...

3) Men who talk the talk but never follow through are rattling my cage a little this week. Don't pretend you're all excited to demolish a bottle of wine with me and then stand me up 8 times. And don't try and redeem yourself by sending me a lovely text saying how 'beautiful' I am, and asking if we can reschedule. It may have worked for the past 8 occasions, but this time I'm going to be fierce. You are a donkey. And I didn't even want to meet you anyway.... (Not bitter, honest).

4) Tomorrow I am meeting up with my best friend of the opposite species sex, Corey, for the first time in too long. I'm so excited to see him, drag him round endless clothes shops, and complain about the quality of the sandwich that we grab for lunch. Note to self: Do not spend the whole afternoon whinging about current man issues. Here's us, about 3 years ago, having an incredibly rare affectionate moment!

5) I need dollar, dollar, dollar that's what I need. And if I share with you my story, would you share your dollar with me? No? I didn't think so, but you can't blame a girl for trying.



  1. Oh dear, well done on ditching Mr 'too busy'. Life is indeed to short!

    (That cat looks distinctly unimpressed at being forced to wear a hoody. As well he might...)

  2. hahaha I need dollar dollar dollar too, and so cool that you're a editor! congrats on the award :)

  3. It is indeed! He is deliciously charming though... so I can't promise I won't have a relapse! Aw thank you very much! :) Xx

  4. Really great post again and I definitely think a bigger bedroom= more clothes! Ugh men are stupid! How have you got into being a book editor? I want to do it but I don't know where to start and what qualifications I need. I think the bookshelf idea is fab! Hope you had a great weekend! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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