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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I am a New Year junkie. And guess what's just around the corner?!

There are two things that I realised whilst sitting down to a feast of roast lamb and adequately crispy potatoes last night. My first thought acknowledged that fact that I have put on at least forty stone in turkey, shortbread and wine over the past week, and my second thought was 'note to self- start banishing the festive waistline as soon as that clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve.' Yes folks, now that the merry kingdom (aka Christmas weekend) has passed, and the final turkey leftovers are being flattened between those last two slices of bread that don't look quite as edible as they should, an ever-so-sparkly-brand-spanking-new year is fast approaching.

I'll be the first to admit that every year, I'm a hardcore 'I vow to' list writer, full of delicious optimism that this year will be the year I finally blitz those love handles, finish my novel, and spend a day attempting seductive sophistication in Paris. While many of my friends use New Years eve solely as an excuse to kiss a dishy male, and treat January 1st like any other day, I fully immerse myself in every aspect of the event, from the reflection over the past 12 months, to the wild night out and the midnight kiss, and of course, the full reinvention of myself.

Despite the fact that 'the new me' tends to become a distant memory by January 8th, I can't help but fully embrace that 'new start' feeling that swirls through the streets beneath the midnight fireworks, every single year. My 'new year, new me' mantra is in fact so intense, that last year I had a list of resolutions so long, that I gave up counting at number 118. I know. I am a self confessed New Year junkie, and the thought of the things I'm (not so) most definitely going to accomplish in the coming twelve months greets me with the same giddy euphoria as a first date.

This year, I had originally planned to check myself into New Year rehab and ban myself from even composing a draft list of resolutions, however, in true Kathy B style tradition,  I have found myself writing a mental checklist over the past few weeks, and have concluded that disallowing myself something that quite evidently brings me so much pleasure, is a fairly pointless exercise. Let's be honest, resolution writing is hardly in the same league as alcoholism or crack cocaine. I have however decided to take on board the advice suggested by one of my dearest friends, whilst he was attempting to read through the one mile list of 2011 resolutions.

The quote went something along the lines of 'just stop being so f*cking vague, woman. Be more organised?! What does that even mean? At least be bloody specific!' As much as I hate to admit it, he definitely had a point. The resolutions that appeared to have worked most effectively from 2011 are the ones that indicate a very specific goal. Number 3- Eat a crisp sandwich? Success! (While I appreciate that this isn't the most life changing of goals, I'd been craving one since June 2010.)

So here we go you fine bunch of human beings, I am about to compose my list of resolutions for 2012, which I will be posting on a page on my blog at some point this evening or tomorrow. I have a feeling, that alongside being more militant and specific in my planning, the knowledge that my resolutions have been subjected to the public eye will give me all the more incentive to make sure I actually achieve them.  It's oh-so-exciting, and although no-one really needs a New Year to change their life, it certainly helps!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas! Are you a New Year junkie, or do you greet it with a 'same old thing' kind of attitude? Do you have any resolutions?!

Lots of love, hugs, and leftover turkey, you utterly divine bunch of human beings!



  1. Hehe absolutely love reading your posts! The make excellent reads. I'm not really a resolution-making type human but I'm looking forward to seeing your list!

    Jen xx

  2. Actually, you've inspired me to make a list and set myself some goals! Thank you, haha! xx

  3. Haha aw, wahoo!!! Let me know how you get on! Xx

  4. :) Love your blog!
    And I'm EXACTLY the same way. I always say I'm not gonna write NY's Resolutions, and then I find myself with a novel-like list of crap that I need to fix.

  5. Thank you very much! :) Haha yes, it's half ridiculous, and half absolutely bloody brilliant!


  6. This post made me smile and was quite interesting! I'm exactly the same way--I write/make up extensive resolution lists which are all but forgotten in mere weeks. I love the idea of a "new me" but don't seem to have the patience to go through with anything! I also spend the day reflecting on the year past... hmmm.

    Good luck with those resolutions!!


  7. Aw thank you! Haha yes, amen! Thank you very much! :) xXx

  8. It's so good to see a blogger actually WRITE!! - Rather than just put up pretty photos and a couple of sentences. Keep posting them, they're great to read.



  9. Such a brilliant post once again my lovely :)
    I always want to make resolutions but I never get past the 2nd of January before breaking them and to be honest I just think buggar it I'll live my life to the full!! I loved your resolution of the crisp sarnie yum yum hehe xxx


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