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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hairy legs and sunsets....

We all know that the world of slumber, or in my case, the world of sinking into a hugely seductive bed, falling fast asleep within 12 seconds, and snoring like a goat, is a crazy one.

Whilst some of us have no recollection of any weird mind activity when we awake, I am a fully fledged dreamer, and often find myself waking up in a haze of confusion, having to spend a good 5 yawns getting reacquainted with the real world, trying to work out whether the walrus I've been skiing with belongs in it. Yes, 6 mornings out of 7, I am the girl that says 'sh*t, what happened last night?!', and not because I'm some ridiculously hardcore raver, who hasn't remembered a single evening since the school disco in 1999. Honest.

This week, my dreams have been particularly memorable and interesting, as there appears to have been a common theme weaving it's away into my snoozing mind. I've relived New Year's Eve, but spent it head over heels in love with Mr HOTD (yes, the same guy that I've recently realised is a disgraceful excuse of a human being and finally written out of my life), watched a perfectly beautiful/captivating sunset with Joe the gorgeous electrician, received a video message from Mr 71-miles in which he confessed his love for me, before taking off his clothes and asking me whether I'd shave his legs for money, oh, and let's not forget that ravenous kiss, with the ex boyfriend I broke up with 2 whole years ago, and have barely spoken too since.

After almost a whole working week of dreaming about past flames/ex boyfriends, I spent yesterday wondering whether my sub-conscious mind was trying to tell me something about my life, and to satisfy my own curiosities, decided to do my research, get my hands on a Dreams dictionary, put my super suave new glasses on, and have a good old-fashioned read.

According to the 'experts', these frequent dreams about male acquaintances of the past indicate that I feel an inner desire to recapture the youth, freedom and vitality of a past relationship. Although the ex boyfriend in question was, for a blissful year and a half, my fairytale romance, I'm not too sure that there's anything I'd like to recapture from that time in my life, except perhaps, for the Ghostbusters PS3 game I bought him for his 17th birthday. Shooting ghosts and exploring haunted buildings was definitely my guilty pleasure. And as for Mr HOTD, the only thing that I'd like to recapture with him is the opportunity to rub a half eaten, mushroom quiche over his face, and kick him up the backside with a 6 inch heel, hard.

Apparently, these dreams generally imply that I find it hard to trust, and have built a wall around me.  This is also something that I, and everyone that knows me, will completely disagree with. I am the most naive, trustworthy, and gullible person that I know, and trusting people within about 4 minutes of meeting them tends to be a regular occurrence in the world of Kathy B. I'm not quite sure whether this is a strength or a downfall, but I'll let you know as soon as I feel that I've lived a long enough life to make this decision (probably on the same day I lift up my skirt and see my tatty-bo-jangles)!

I also did some research into the meaning of sunsets and legs when appearing in dreams. I found these findings particularly interesting as a) I am still on very good, chinwagging terms with both Joe and Mr 71 miles, and b) the findings actually made some kind of sense to my current life. Halle-lu-jah!

Dreaming about watching a sunset is thought to symbolise some kind of 'ending', whether this be a fall out, a shift in circumstances, or just a sense of closure towards a previous feeling or event. Joe the gorgeous electrician has recently found himself a lovely lady friend, which therefore means that although we're on good terms and will stay in touch, the days of lusting after another of his delicious kisses, talking to him about hideous cushion covers, and texting him half-drunk messages saying things like 'have I ever told you how attractive you are>=?X' are well and truly over. I like to think, should dream interpretation have some validity, that this dream reflected the positive end to our hilariously brilliant chemistry.

And as for the gorilla-hairy legs of Mr 71 miles, seeing someone else's legs in a dream (unfortunately being offered the chance to shave them for £14.75 wasn't in the Index), is supposed to indicate an admiration for them, which, if you've read my long piece of waffle about the man in question, is a word that I would most definitely use. My admiration for Mr 71 miles is on par with my admiration for ham and mushroom pizzas, wonky clown ornaments, and 150 year old books with yellow pages that are falling apart, and quite evidently, it lays deep within my sub-conscious mind.

Although the ideas behind legs and sunsets have made perfect sense to me, I'm not entirely convinced that this isn't just an odd coincidence. After all, there's no solid evidence that dreams are anything other than spontaneous intercourse between the endless frazzling thoughts and memories that dance around the brain on a daily basis. And let's be honest, while sunsets and endings have at least some kind of connection through definition, I'm not too sure that a pair of pasty, hairy male legs are representative of feelings of admiration. Where the devil did that link come from, you, who refer to yourself as an expert?!

Either way, dreams absolutely fascinate me, and I love how much they get us all thinking when we wake up from a juicy one! It's probably a little too early, but it seems appropriate to wish you all the sweetest of dreams tonight!

Have you ever interpreted your own dreams? Do you dream about your exes often?




  1. This is a really interesting post, I definitely believe dreams (well, most of them!) have some kind of meaning. xx

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I do believe that to some degree, although it's so hard trying to work out what that meaning actually is! Xx

  2. I've been having crazy dreams, too! But not about all the old/current men in my life. :) I always try to figure out "what they mean" but usually I just assume it's something I had just thought about sometime that day... :)

    1. Yeah, I'm definitely more convinced that it's the random thoughts all coming together to create an odd situation, rather than an inner message! At least they give us something else to think about when we wake up! :) Xx

  3. Great post Kathy! I'm fascinated by what others dream about because I have such weird random dreams myself. Last night I dreamt that Rob Pattinson came to my rescue to chase away a rat that shaved it's legs on my new dress haha! I like to believe my dreams mean something but what could THAT possibly mean?! Keep those awesome posts coming! Jen xx

  4. Thanks Jen! :) Haha quite evidently, you have some admiration going on for that rat! I will do my best Miss, thanks! Xx

  5. Stop eating cheese before bed-time,you numpty !!!

    1. Shut up Daddy B! I haven't had cheese in yonks thanks to this stupid health kick I'm torturing myself with!! Xx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Beautiful post!!

    I find it really interesting reading about other peoples dreasm, as it makes mine seem a little less crazy at times.

    I haven't had a dream about an ex for as long as I can remember, but I do seem to be having dreams about the new guys I work with at work - totally odd! I have no idea why, but as you say the brain can do what the hell it wants to as it is only in our heads anyway.

    MY favourite dream is of course, Louis Tomlinson being my boyfriend and singing endless songs to me in his gorgeous accent and feeding me strawberries - PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN GOD!! xxx

  8. Great post as always! Dreams can be so weird and sometimes I remember things that I've forgotten or think of new book ideas or clothes ideas! I have a lot of dreams that feel so so real, its weird when I wake up and end up asking people if things have happened!! I do get some weird dreams! I don't think I'd be able to interpret my dreams they are all over the place! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/


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