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Friday, 4 May 2012

Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

Once upon a glorious day last summer, I decided to set up a blog. Back then, I never realised just how much influence my little speck of dust, on the not-so-little 21st century blogosphere, would have on my every day life.

I started my blog to showcase the passion that I have for writing, and to document the glorious, crazy adventure that is my life. However, as time has evolved, so has my blog, and now, as my mind buzzes and my dreams soar, I can't even find words that describe just how much this blog means to me, and how much I genuinely love to write it. I write all sorts of strange and half-interesting things, however my blog is undoubtedly the beating heart of my passion, because it allows me to express me. Heart, mind, soul, and body, organs and all. Without it, my brain would be even more of a fiery ball of bonkers, I'd be hyperactive as a vino-drinking goat 24/7, and I'd struggle to fully communicate what I really think about a particular concept or experience. This blog is my saving grace, and my passion, and if it was a man, I'd marry it in an instant.

I shan't go as far as to get on my knees and beg you to vote for me in the Cosmopolitan blog awards, mainly because kneeling down seems like a mammoth effort right now, but also because begging isn't really my thing. I will however politely ask, that if you love my blog as much as I do (or can't stand it but can see why it might just be worthy of a little recognition), you head right here, and fill out the form to nominate me for the Next Newcomer Blog Award.

I want to get people contemplating, make people chuckle like it's 1999, and inspire people to be passionate, honest, and optimistic. I know I can't change the world, but this award could really help me to spread a little creativity/hilarity/walrus-love/bonkerism to a few more delightful human beings (aka victims...)

Thank you so much, and whether you vote for me, or for another blog (there are so many incredible blogs deserving of this award), here's a big, juicy kiss and a beer for getting involved. And here's another for even reading my blog in the first place. You make my life, and I love you all incredibly.

Good luck to everyone taking part, and a huge thank you to Cosmopolitan magazine for giving such a fantastic opportunity to us blogger folk.

Kathy B



  1. So weird, I was about to tweet you to ask if you had entered because I wanted to nominate you! How do we vote for a blog? When we can vote I will make up a hundred names so I can vote 100 times for you! I am so thankful of your blog, without you I probably wouldn't have got off my dimpled arse and finally start mine. Your writing filled me with such enthusiasm and really encouraged me to start writing again, so thank you! I've entered the Newcomer blog Award so fingers crossed! XxxX

    1. Thank you so much lovely, that's such a nice comment! :) I am SO glad I helped to encourage you to start writing again, because you now have one of the best blogs I've ever read, and I get to enjoy it and love it! The Newcomer blog award is what I've entered too. You are beyond deserving of it, I am going to head over to the Next site and vote for you right this moment! xXx

  2. Consider your fine self well and truly NOMINATED. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and will be voting as many times as possible because YOU 100% DESERVE TO WIN xxx

  3. I am so voting for you! Your blog is just wonderful, and you really deserve it! Lots of love xxx


    1. Thank you Etienne, that really does mean a lot to me! KISS Xx

  4. I've nominated you as i truly think you deserve it, what i love about your blog is that its so unique and i feel like i've got to know you so well through your writing :)

    your an absolute lovely girl and your posts always make me smile :)

    1. Thank you, so, so much Charlotte! :) That's so lovely of you, and I can't tell you how grateful I am. xXx


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