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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dear 7/7 bomber...

Seven years ago today, one of the most iconic historical events of my time took place during the morning rush hour in London. A series of co-ordinated suicide bombs targeted civilians using the public transport system. You, and three of your friends, were responsible for the death of fifty two innocent people.

Now don't get me wrong, as much as I would love for peace to spread worldwide, for life to be a jolly old affair for everyone, and for human beings from all walks of life to be able to love and boogie and appreciate each other,  I know that it would be incredibly naive of me to believe that this will ever happen. It won't.  Human beings are opinionated. Dislikes are taken. Beliefs are strong.

There will always be conflict on this planet. There will always be religious extremism, and economical struggle, and confrontation between Countries regarding their political regimes. As much as I detest to write it, it would be wrong to rest complacent. There will always be terrorism, because there will always be those people, like you, who are willing to undermine the human race and go to hideously incongruous lengths to deliver a message to society, or to the rest of the world, that they believe to be right.

There is a strong chance that I will experience terrorism again in my own life time, and if I don't, I can probably assume that my children will. It saddens me that I have had to become so accustomed to this way of living, it saddens me that the words 'terrorist' and 'bomb' are now as common as rainfall, and it absolutely infuriates me that you did what you did.

But don't rest smug, because for every intrinsically evil, mind-fucked individual like you, that takes it upon themselves to destroy innocent lives in their quest to 'remedy' something that they perceive to be wrong, there are people that do remarkable, honourable, and lovely things.

There are people that dedicate their every waking breath to helping others. There are unsung heroes; those heroic people in the aftermath of the London bombings who fought to save the dying. There are those that are making history by doing incredibly generous, brain-frazzling-clever things, those that inspire creativity, and those that live by it. There are those that achieve and accomplish fantastic things. There are those that laugh uncontrollably and infect others with their optimism. There are people doing incredible things that you will never do. There are kind, hilarious, intelligent, charming, courageous, wonderful human beings in this world, and yes, some of these people have lost their life in the face of immoral scum like yourself, but these people embraced and enjoyed living, a joy that you killed for yourself with social alienation; a joy you will never know.

And today, it is these fine folk that I have spent the majority of my time reflecting upon, not you and the other degenerate idiots who believed, and still believe, that things can be revolutionised with a backpack of homemade explosives. How very fucking noble of you.

I shall finish by informing you, how we, as a Country, acted in the aftermath of 7/7. Yes, it was devastating, and it was terrifying. But the spirit of stoicism prevailed. We responded with strength, defiance, and a stiff upper lip. We grieved in silence. We cuddled our chums, we said 'fuck you', and we made a cup of tea.

The Underground network is still heaving, and people still hop on the bus without a second thought. The survivors of your brutality still laugh, and still love, and endlessly inspire those around them to embrace happiness, and live a life that is exciting, fulfilling, and worthwhile.

Seven years on, it turns out that you really didn't achieve much at all.

Kathy B



  1. Such an inspiring post. Don't really know what else to say, but this is brave thing to address and i really couldn't agree more with your sentiments x

    1. Thank you very much Laura! I felt as if I couldn't let the day pass without marking it somehow. Xx

  2. This is so powerful. I would like to call it beautiful writing on such a hideous topic. I completely agree with your view on global understanding. I think that we are never going to have unity, but as long as we have understanding of other people's views we can prevent so many extreme acts like this one. But that will never properly happen, as the human mind do so diverse. Thank you for this post. xx


    1. Thank you Etienne. I was a little worried about how people would respond to it... I mean, blogging a letter to a terrorist is a fairly unconventional thing to bring to the blogosphere! But I'm really glad that you understand where I'm coming from here, and I could not agree with you more.


  3. Wow Miss B - what a wonderful post on such a strong topic that is forever on our minds. You sure do have a beautiful way of writing about something so delicate and I look up to you for the way you have done this.
    Words of wisdom is what you have - always!

    1. Thank you Rachel, that's so lovely of you to say! I really struggled writing this, as I couldn't quite pinpoint what I was trying to say- it's obviously something that instigates a lot of varying emotions! Four hours later, I think I finally managed to get my thoughts into words, so it means a lot for you to leave this comment!

      Thank you! Xx

  4. Great text, indeed ! Most of it sounds like a true journalist edito, Kathy ! You could have it published, according to me. I wish you'll never have to suffer from this kind of event again, so will (or so won't, I suddenly have a grammar doubt ! :) your kids.

    The issue of religion must be relativized. For my own, I make the distinction between to believe in God and to have and practice a religion. I'm not into religious things, I mean rituals, just my opinion. And I think those terrorists, or those who stand behind them, are not into religion at all, but just people interested in domination. Each religion preachs love and respect, but religion is always related to the idea of a secret. The priest, the pope, the imam, the rabbin, knows the secret, he can speak to God for us, and the believing in this secret is a way to hold a superior position above us, simply people. Look at the middle age ! The religious power was very strong, nearly as strong as the King's one ! At least in my country, and it was a big mess to make the both co-exist ! So there is always this idea of a secret, a truth which is revealed to some ones, and not to the others, and the problem come when someone say "my way is the good one, the unique truth, and you others are wrong !" But often, it is bullshits, and it hides something else. Desire of domination, or greed.

    A lot of "religious" conflicts hide a resorce conflict in reality, and are not really related to a god or one another. For example, one of the key of Middle East conflict, between Israel and Palestinian is the water resorce. Water isn't well shared in the world, depending on regions, and a lot of conflicts will probably take place in the years to come, as the resorce will decrease. A lot of people wander why US and some others have gone in Afghanistan. When I went to Canada in 2009, a friend of mine told me It was not really a problem of religion, but Afghanistan is a big producer of haschish, and the real war is the war against drug. A lot of those geostrategic things have two levels of analysis, and the things that are presented to us in medias are often simply a face of the problem.

    The reality is that God, whatever the name we give him, is just a hypothesis. It's nice to believe in God, to think a loving person looks at us and protect us, and to be honest I believe in something, but till our death, we won't know what's behind the curtain. And we should never forget that. The doubt is the proper of human's intelligence. I would add that in this kind of fields, it's also a proof of humility. Who are we to think that the right God is ours, and not our neighbour's one ? But the more numerous people think like me, the more I am powerful.

    1. Wowee! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and leave such a long, responsive comment! I really do appreciate that, and thank you for your compliment. It makes me very happy that you think my writing is good!

      Your point about a desire for domination is a really good and interesting one, particularly when talking about religion. I also agree with you when you say that we won't know what's behind the curtain until our death. If everyone was willing to accept that, perhaps religious conflict would be lessened, but I guess when people fiercely believe in things they cannot be questioned.

      Thank you again for the time you have taken to respond to this and I'm really glad you found the post interesting!


    2. Well, I really appreciate your writing, because I love english language, and I learn a lot of new-for-me words or expressions, reading you :) It's very pleasent to read a person who really knows how to write english (compared to american people lol). And I love your humour ! :) )

      It was a very emotive article, so it moved me (I'm not gay, I'm Libra :), and I felt the desire to write a lot about all that too :)

      The end talked to me too, I mean, the digniny and the national proud, you know ? I think it is very brittish, your people has kept its own traditions and culture from monarchy, and has also its two feet in modernity. For a French Republic citizen like me, it is always interesting to see this :)

      Usually, my comments or my emails are long, anyway, I am a talkative person 8 )

  5. "Neither will your kids !" of course... F...ck me ! :@

  6. When I was stalking your Twitter as I do for about 23.30 hours of the day I noticed some twat said your blog was stupid. Well Mr Doofus this blog is amazing, so well written, thought provoking and the writing is totally mind blowing. Kathy you're such an amazing writer and this is such a beautifully written post. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk


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