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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Coupley tattoos, injured llamas, and a very naughty love bus

I like the idea of tattoos. Whilst the concept of actually getting inked myself will no doubt always remain alien to me (getting the flu jab riddles me with queasiness, let alone enduring an entire tattoo), I'm very interested in the tattoos of others, and love how quirky, artistic, and expressive they can be.

But, I have a problem. Yup, a big, inky, heart-shaped problem. I've tried convincing myself that I'm being a judgemental bitch and should just let it go, or that maybe it's because I'm the most single person I know, and might have forgotten how it feels to be wildly in love, but I just can't shake how much I loathe 'coupley tattoos'. By 'coupley tattoos', I mean tattoos that signify a lover/relationship, when all they really signify to me is an acute lack of brain cells and a 'wow, that's going to be awkward some day'.

I don't mind so much if the couple are older, and have been together for a zillion fine years. In fact, if the tattoo idea is born on the back of a Christmas dinner table bet, or as the only anniversary present that hasn't yet been bought, then I guess that's kind of nice. Those sorts of stories almost make me smile. However, when I see couples in their twenties, who have been together for five minutes, swanning around with their names on each other's chests or separate halves of a heart that join at the hip during intercourse (I don't tend to actually see the latter, but you know what I mean), I can't help but feel a little concerned about the state of our generation. Are we really so desperate to prove our love to the world that we must etch onto our skin an eternal symbol of our not necessarily eternal relationship?!

I hope that the couples who undertake this bizarre gesture last, and I sincerely mean that. Love is a beautiful thing. But in a day and age where the shelf-life of relationships is steadily declining, it's safe to say that it's all extremely unpredictable, especially when you're a twenty-something; changing and evolving all of the time. There's no guarantee that these wonderful, exciting, soul-binding relationships are going to last for the rest of time, despite how much we think otherwise whilst joyfully hallucinating on board the love bus. Just ask the guy I almost dated last year, who had to wear a monster-sized watch to try and hide the fact that his ex-girlfriend's name was boldly emblazoned across his wrist. Dealbreaker, anyone?!

I know various people that have had these tattoos done, and they've all said that even if the relationship falls apart, they won't mind the fact that they're eternally inked, because the half-wonky script of their exes name will remind them of a special time in their life. As if. What if said ex becomes an ex because they slept with your best friend or punched a llama when you took a trip to the farm?! Will you really smile at your tattoo in a state of joyful nostalgia? I think not. And what if the next person you meet is absolutely 'the one' (a newer, refined edition), and thinks you're totally awesome, but oh, wait, your body is a shrine to your ex. Good luck with that one pal...

If ever I get the urge to commit tattoo suicide, which, by the way, I won't, I think I'll just stick to a henna. Or I'll get something equally as ridiculous that won't have so many potentially humiliating repercussions. Like a llama.

Preferably one that hasn't been punched.

What do you think of these tattoos? Is it something you would ever consider? Or do you have one?!

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  1. A llama tattoo will not impress that camel I saw you with.

  2. Sometimes I like freak the crap out of Lee and tell him that I'll get his name tattooed around my ring finger if we ever get engaged. He hates it, I like him hating it. I always think I'd like one, it would jazz up my body a bit but I'd get something tasteful. Also like you I'm probably too scared to ever get one...

    Someone in my high school class did get a stick man tattooed up his lower leg and he's added accessories as time's gone on...


    1. Haha amazing! Yeah, I want a tattoo as well; I have the quote/font ready, but I just don't have the courage yet!!

      The stick man sounds hilariously jolly! Xx

  3. I love tattoos but speaking from the middle of the relationship spectrum.....25 years married, 32 years together I've never thought of getting the name of my much loved, heavily tattooed, harbour of a husband tattooed on my body. If I believed in soul mates he would be mine but that's a matter for eternity and this body is just for life none of us know what's going to happen in this life and at what point a name indelibly inked on one's inner thigh could prove an embarrassment (other tatto locations are available). I might consider a symbolic representation of our relationship but I'd much rather have a lizard and that's another story altogether!
    I wonder if this rush to get lovers names inked on one's body is a direct result of the impermanence of relationships nowadays. Humans need stability and continuity and if they can't have it from a relationship at least they can get it from the symbols on their body it is also dare I say it "fashion".
    Elizabeth x

    1. Ah you've been with your man for 32 years?! That is so lovely!! I love the way you think about this; I couldn't agree more! Though you'd definitely fit into the 'those sorts of stories almost make me smile' category after being together for so long!

      Perhaps you're right there; a tattoo is definitely for life! Xx

  4. Ha ha. This made me laugh. I agree. They aren't going to like it.
    I never have the urge to get a tat, because I know there isn't anything I would like for that amount of time. Big decision, man.

    1. Thank you! :)

      Yup, amen to that! Mega big decision... Xx

  5. Haha, I can appreciate a good tattoo but I don't think they'd suit me - I've not yet had the urge to get one but if I do it'll be a HUGE decision :)



  6. Well...I do have the same problem as you, ish. I love tattoos, I do envy them and design them for me, hypotheticially. But I have the fear of injections, blood tests particularly. Double but- I love piercings and I don't fear for this kind of needles. I couldn't even explain why. Maybe because the piercing pain is short and sweet wheras injections and tattooing aren't!

    FOR NOW, I have decided not to get a tattoo but who knows. I am so indecisive so I can't tell for sure :-)

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. Haha it's a peculiar one! Yup, I'm on a similar wavelength there... I think one day I might surprise myself and spontaneously get inked! Xx


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