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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things that I think are under-rated

The world is full of many a fine thing, but I have come to the conclusion that many of the things that I love the most are severely under-rated, and so I thought I'd get scrawling and tell you all what I think these things are.

Rain. Us British folk are so accustomed to rain, but for some wild reason, the majority of us seem to despise it. Daddy B won't even go outside in the rain unless work commitments force him to, which I find very peculiar indeed. Yes, it does make most of us look atrocious, and it can all be a bit of a chilly, sock-sodden mess, but come on, it's beautiful. I love the way the raindrops dance off of the leaves, I love how angry and grey the sky looks, and I love attempting to jump over puddles like I'm some kind of Olympic athlete, and ending up landing straight in them like the over-excited, human hippo that I actually am. I dig that shit, me.

Sherlock Holmes. Okay, so he's fictional, I get that. But if you don't fancy him, why the devil not?! He's a hybrid of eccentricity, intelligence, and astute logical reasoning, wrapped up in a cold, mysterious exterior. Jay zeus, the man may as well have invented sex appeal. Okay, yes, yes, I hear you. He's fictional. And breathe.

Thursday evenings.  Granted, Fridays are bloody marvellous, and I love them. The end of the working week is as welcome as Gerard Butler's bearded face is to my eyes (ooh I love those beardy men folk), but Thursday evenings feel that little bit more special. Thursday evenings are coated in a jolly, Friday shaped optimism. It's almost like having a mini Christmas eve every single week. Thursday evenings are so joyful, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la...

Broccoli. I think the whole world needs to appreciate that broccoli is a vegetable that looks like a tree. With a good sized portion, your plate suddenly sprouts a vibrant dwelling of forestry goodness. Need I say more?! My mind is blown.

Onesies. I am on a one-woman mission to convert everybody I know into keen winter-onesie wearers. As modelled (rather atrociously) in the photo above, by oneself, I purchased this onesie a couple of days ago, and am half tempted to wear it every single day until the end of March. I can only compare it to wearing the warmest, cosiest hug. Yup, it's a whole new level of pyjama related genius. Everybody needs a onesie, that is a fact.

Facial hair. On men, obviously. I'm a firm believer that every man looks better with a well groomed stubble. Nothing quite says masculinity like the fact that you can sprout real hair on your actual face. That, men of this world, is one epic talent. Embrace it.

The importance of smelling delicious.
It's all too easy to cheapen your allure when you smell like a rat-infested slipper, or a half-eaten, 4 day old quiche, and despite the fact that there's a whole load of science behind it (go on, google it), I don't think enough people realise just how much better life is when you, and those around you, have grasped the basic principles of human hygiene. Rub-a-dub-dub.

Cuddles. In a sexually charged, post Christian Grey nation (the saucy devil), it's easy to forget just how marvellous it is to have a good ol' fashioned cuddle. No rampant reproductive organs or leather paddles; just two people, having a quality spoonfest, releasing oxytocin. Cuddles are wonderful things, aren't they? On the count of three, awww. (Tax up being little spoon).

So there we have it, you beautiful bunch of human beings; just a few, (and a few more), of the things that I think are awesome, but don't particularly get the credit they really deserve. Do you agree?! What things do you think are under-rated?!



  1. I agree with all of these, except rain. It always pours when I'm having a fabulous hair day, or after I just washed my car. Drats.

    Onesies, yes! :)

  2. Totally with you about Thursdays!! Ahh. Broccoli, mega yum had creamy broccoli pasta on the other day and it was HEAVEN xx

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Love this post a little too much, I agree with you about Thursdays!!

    For me the things that are underated are:

    1. David Beckham - HELLO have you seen how gorgeous that man is with those tattoos?

    2. The simple pleasure you can get from a warm drink, especially hot chocolate with whipped cream and mini marshamallows at this time of the year

    3. Probably as I am a dog owner, but... the smell of a puppy, especially their paws - YES I do sit sniffing Alfie's paws, they smell like popcorn!!


  4. Great blog post as usual Kathy!
    Rain and Sherlock Holmes...hmm both necessary evils in my opinion but not my favourite things.
    Thursdays and broccoli yes please.
    Onesies? NO! As cute as they look on you beautiful women in the finest, flush of youth on a woman of my gorgeous vintage they have a certain "asylum chic" that I do not care to try and carry off.
    Which leads me neatly on to facial hair, I awoke on my 50th birthday to discover that I had been blessed with a talent for sprouting actual hair on my actual face, it sprang defiantly at varying angles from my chin noticable even to my husband whose glasses are most definitely rose tinted when looking at me. So I qualify the facial hair love with a big "only on men".
    Despite or maybe because of my circus freak chin I like anyone who gets within kissing distance of me to inhale Chanel or Givenchy and I quite like them to return the favour.
    Last but by no means least cuddles, glorious, warm, fragrant cuddles. Pleased to see you cuddles, I've missed you cuddles, sorry you're hurting cuddles,watching rubbish telly with wine and crisps cuddles, cuddles you give your parents, your kids, your long suffering cat, your partner, your friends....yea I like cuddles.
    Under-rated? Maturity, age whatever you want to call it, people are scared of it, fear it dread the effects but it's a wonderfully liberating, confidence boosting thing. You know what you like, how to get it and you aren't afraid to tell people what you don't want too. Try it, after all it's better than the alternative.
    Elizabeth x

  5. I was loving your posts as it was, having a gander at your posts, but then you really sealed my love by saying rain was underated. I totally agree! Rain is so pretty, especially the sound of it against your window xx


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