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Thursday, 30 May 2013

I need your votes

Hello chums.

Many of you, particularly those of you who write your own blogs, will know that the Cosmopolitan blog awards are back, bigger and better than ever.

These blog awards are a bloomin'marvellous opportunity for bloggers to showcase their creations and get recognition from the Country's biggest and best women's lifestyle magazine. Wowzers. Previous winners have gone on to do all sorts of fine and wonderful things which have changed their lives, careers and their writing prowess, so it really is a rather cracking thing to be a part of, and the whole idea of it makes me very excited indeed.

A couple of lovely folk have tweeted to tell me that they have voted for me in the 'Best Lifestyle blog' category, and so here I am, letting you know that you could also nominate me in this category too, if you love my blog as I do, and if you're feelng particularly generous of course.  (You are? Oh, lovely jubbly.) I have strived to make this blog one giant, hearty chinwag; a place where we can muse and chuckle about life, and occasionally (aka regularly) mock the bizarre species that we call human. I love, love, love to write this blog, and I would love the opportunity for more people to be able to jump aboard the Kathy B bandwagon; free crumpets and all.

Ulitmately, I know that there are thousands of fantastic blogs in this ginormous medium that we call the Internet, and 'I am Kathy B' just might not be your cup of tea. (Ooh, an accidental rhyme... Spooky.)

Either way, if you're an avid reader of blogs or a blogger yourself, please do make sure that you vote for your favourite blogs in these awards. As a vastly growing creative trend, I'm a firm believer that bloggers absolutely deserve recognition and reward. There are certainly some talented folk around. Plus, you might just change somebody's life or make a dream come true. Let's all get our violins out and appreciate this thought.

If you'd like to vote for me or for any other funky bloggers that you may admire, you can cast your votes right here:  http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogs/cosmo-blog-awards-2013/enter-the-2013-cosmopolitan-blog-awards-nominate-now

Good luck to everyone taking part, and good day to you all!


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