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Monday, 28 March 2016

Six amazing things you can give others that cost absolutely nothing

(*Photo credit to L.Rutherford*)

Compliments. If you think a fellow human is a total bloody marvel, you ought to go bright-eyed and beaming in telling them. Your effortless words could create a positive space within their brain to think differently, give them that confidence boost they desperately needed, or simply punctuate their day with a moment of all-encompassing joy. Think her eyes are beautiful? Tell her. Love the way he talks with fierce enthusiasm about that awesome thing? Let him know. Reckon she's one of the most talented, soul-stirring writers you've ever stumbled across? Champion her! (Oh hey, Laura Jane Willams, you frickin' incredible woman...!)

A hug. Cuddle people with boundless enthusiasm. Thrust your chest/breast upon theirs and treasure them with your physical entirety. Oxytocin. Oxytocin. Oxytocin. We are all so much better with that stuff inside of us.

Your full attention. In our extraordinarily busy, technology-centric lives, it'd be a convincing argument to coin us the 'distracted' generation. Make a conscious effort to be attentive: to your loved ones, to those you'll hurriedly catch up with in the vegetable aisle of your local supermarket, to any human you should come to interact with throughout your day. In those minutes of sweet surrender to nothing more than the way their mouth moves and the words that dance through the air between you, no matter how trivial, you'll make them feel valued. Connected, in the most charming way possible. Less alone.

Perspective. We're a perpetually fascinating bunch, and we all bring a unique narrative to the table, which makes us so BLOODY INTERESTING as a species that it often blows my tiny mind. As conscious creatures, we have an amazing opportunity to offer our honest view of the world around us to others: to paint our stroke on their spectrum of human understanding. Tell your story. Say your piece. (Please let me hear it too! I cannot get enough of hearing about how other people are finding this experience of imperfect, messy, exhilarating humanness).

A reassuring smile. You will be no stranger to the fact that sometimes, LIFE IS JUST CRAP OKAY AND ADULTHOOD IS A BIT FUCKING SCARY. Something disconcerting happens, or (oh the joys of human fragility), nothing really happens at all, but still, our little world turns on its head, sending us spiralling into a pit of all-encompassing negativity, our gloomy thoughts dancing vigorously in our minds like a bunch of rowdy, uninvited guests at a dinner party. And guess what? You're not the only person who has to deal with this shit. Be mindful of the inevitable, silent struggles of others. If you see somebody looking a little glum or anxious, dart them a warm smile: one that says 'hey, you got this. We're in this together, my friend'. Often, the littlest scatterings of kindness and positive humanity are those which are most profound.

Goosebumps. Goosebumps indicate emotional arousal. Sure, we can get them when we're scared or when witnessing something decidedly creepy, but there are good goosebumps too! 'So-good-I-cannot-function-PLEASE-NEVER-STOP' bumps. Isn't it a wonderful thing that we can bestow such a relaxing, peaceful feeling upon a fellow human?! Light touches. Hair brushing. Gentle kisses upon the neck. Tiny hair erections... Or quiet magic? My vote's with the latter.

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